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SACS Accreditation

SACS Accreditation

Quality Enhancement Plan


The quality enhancement plan is a course of action designed to improve the quality of student learning. The plan addresses one or more issues contributing to student learning, and complements the institution's current planning and evaluation process. The plan is part of the institution's comprehensive, ongoing planning and evaluation process.

The Strategic Planning Commission will select the topic for the QEP and the membership of this committee reflects broad based campus participation in the selection process. Accordingly, the focus of the QEP will have the support of key constituency groups.

In selecting the topic for the QEP the institution is using the following guidelines:

  • Must enhance student learning;
  • Must not be something that is already in progress;
  • Must have broad input from the campus;
  • May be narrow in scope;
  • Must have measurable learning outcomes;
  • Must fit into institution's strategic plan;
  • Must have resource commitment (i.e., faculty and financing) and
  • An Impact Report is required and the QEP will be reviewed in three to five years by SACS.

The quality enhancement plan represents an institution's ongoing program of improvement and demonstrates a fulfillment of the stated institutional mission.

Quality Enhancement Plan Topic

"Writing the Solution: Steps toward Developing Competent and Professional Student Writers." Report

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